0702-Ethico-Legal Issues in Prescriptions

Background reading material for Yr1 Sem 2 PPSD session on Wednesday 7th February 2007 by Professor Omar Hasan Kasule Sr.

It is illegal to manufacture, possess, supply a controlled drug unless you have a licence for that class of drug.


Prescription of controlled drugs must follow certain procedures. Diverting or giving away controlled substances is illegal. A physician may be banned from prescribing controlled drugs if caught breaching the rules.


Physicians must exercise care in dispensing controlled or harmful drugs. Sale of poisons is forbidden.


It is forbidden to write prescriptions using secret formulas that only some pharmacists know is unethical


Pharmacy fraud is committed by billing for medicine not delivered.


Billing fraud is billing for services not performed or billing for non-existent patients.


Equipment fraud is using equipment that is really not needed or using equipment of poorer quality.


It is unethical for a physician to get financial advantage from prescriptions to be filled by pharmacies he owns


 Kick-backs from pharmacies are unethical and are illegal.

ŠProfessor Omar Hasan Kasule, Sr. February 2007