0703- Outline of Bio-Ethics Course from Islamic Perspec. for Acad. Staff at the Faculty of Med. U.M

Presented at the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine University Malaya on 09th March 2007 by Professor Omar Hasan Kasule Sr.

1.0 The Ethical and Legal Basis of Medicine

1.1 Comparative Analysis of European and Islamic Ethics

1.2 Ethical Theory Based on the Purposes of the Law, maqasid al shari’at

1.3 Ethical Principles Based on Principles of the Law, qawa’id al shari’at

1.4 Purposes, Principles, and Regulations of Medicine

1.5 Etiquette of The Physician, adab al tabiib


2.0 Reproductive & Genetic Technology

2.1 Assisted Reproduction, taqniyat al injaab

2.2 Contraception, mani’u al haml

2.3 Reproductive Cloning, al istinsaakh

2.4 Abortion, isqaat al haml

2.5 Other Technologies


3.0: Medical and Surgical Technologies

3.1 Artificial Life Support, ajhizat al in’aash

3.2 Euthanasia, qatl al rahmat

3.3 Solid Organ Transplantation, naql al a’adha

3.4 Stem Cell Transplantation, naql al khalaayat

3.5 Change of Fitra, taghyiir al fitrat


ŠProfessor Omar Hasan Kasule, Sr. March 2007