0708-Definition of the Concept Muslim Physician

Presented at a Workshop on Islamic Medical Education organized by the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Muhammadiyah Jogjakarta and the Forum of Islamic Medicine (FOKI – Forum ke dokteran Islam) at Jogjakarta on 24-25th August 2007 by Professor Omar Hasan Kasule MB ChB (MUK), MPH (Harvard), DrPH (Harvard) Professor of Epidemiology and Islamic Medicine University Brunei Darussalam and Visiting Professor of Epidemiology University Malaya.

A Muslim physician practices medicine that is characterized by integration (tauhid), holism (shumuuliyyat), balance (tawazun), excellent quality (ihsan), and fulfils the purposes of the Law (maqasid al shari’at).


A Muslim physician is active in solving root causes of disease in the community (jama’at).


A Muslim physician stives to research for new knowledge (ijtihad & talab al ‘ilm) to be a producer and not a mere consumer of knowledge


A Muslim physician follows professional etiquette (adab) and professional ethics (akhlaq).


A Muslim physician has consciousness of Allah (taqwa), responsibility (amanat), self accountability (muhasabat al nafs), and self-purification (tazkiyat al nafs).

ŠProfessor Omar Hasan Kasule, Sr. August 2007